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MPP power cable protection tube

Product name:MPP power cable protection tube

Product details

MPP tube, also known as the MPP power cable protection pipe, excavation and non excavation type, MPP non excavation pipe also called MPP pipe jacking or slide holder. MPP tube was used as main raw material of modified polypropylene. With the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure, suitable for 10KV or above high voltage transmission line and cable line.
MPP with modified polypropylene as the main raw materials without a lot of dredging, excavation and destruction of the pavement in roads, railways, buildings, riverbed inferior special section pipe laying, cables and other construction projects. With the traditional trench buried tube method "compared to non excavation power pipe engineering more adapt to the current requirements of environmental protection, removal due to the traditional construction caused by dust, traffic congestion and other disturbing factors, this technology can also in some not implementation of excavation work in the laying of pipelines, such as heritage conservation district, downtown urban areas, crops and farmland protection areas, highways, rivers etc..
Common specifications for pipe diameter 110mm ~ 250mm, divided into ordinary type and strengthening type. Ordinary type is suitable for the construction of the excavation and the construction of the non excavation crossing construction is less than 4M, and the strengthening type is suitable for the construction of non excavation crossing construction. This product has achieved good social and economic benefits through the testing of the national chemical building materials testing center.
MPP tube:
Can be widely used in municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heat and other pipeline engineering.
The engineering of the non excavation horizontal directional drilling in the urban and rural areas, and the excavation of the power drain.
The project of the water discharging pipe line of the urban and rural areas in the non excavation horizontal directional drilling. Industrial wastewater discharge.
MPP tube superiority:
1, MPP pipe has excellent electrical insulation.
2, MPP tube has high thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance.
3, MPP tube tensile, compressive performance is higher than HDPE.
4, MPP tube light, smooth, friction heat, the main small butt welding.
5, MPP tube for a long time using a temperature of 5 ~ 70.
6, construction information
The construction process of L pipe transportation, is strictly prohibited any throwing, impact, characterization, exposure.
L hot melt when the two pipe axis to align, end cutting to vertical formation.
L processing temperature, time, pressure, depending on the weather conditions for the corresponding adjustment.
The minimum bending radius of L pipe should be greater than or equal to 75 tube diameter.
Specification size and price to obtain the exclusive price of the agents to make a phone call: 1385-855-6006


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